Themed Event at Hilton Downtown Cleveland

Plum City Events created an “Art in the City” event at Hilton Cleveland Downtown for 500 guests from a national retail organization. Guests were able to experience the artistic culture in Cleveland without leaving the hotel. They were welcomed into the ballroom by a stunning model beneath a custom LED-lit truss structure. Interactive activities and décor surrounded them and included virtual reality art experiences, a “Welcome to Cleveland” coloring book mural, a floral design station, airbrush tattoos, branded LED bars and glowing high boys, and a high-energy dance band!

Interactive Cooking with Brandon Chrstowski

Plum City Events worked with EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute and James Beard Award-Nominated Chef Brandon Chrostowski to create an interactive cooking experience for 25 local meeting planners. Brandon and his team chopped and brûléed with guests while talking about the art of cooking and the mission of EDWINS, training formerly incarcerated individuals in the culinary and hospitality industries.

Fundraising Event at Clifton Beach

Plum City Events designed and managed a fundraising event for approximately 100 guests at Clifton Beach in Lakewood, Ohio. Guests enjoyed the lakefront, a “yacht rock” band, fabulous drinks served from the “Typsy Gypsy” trailer, a stunning charcuterie spread, and great company.